Attach documents, videos, customer reviews, testimonials and any research that supports your excellence in this area. We would love to feature a series of photos at the Retailer Awards Gala Dinner on 1st March 2018 in Melbourne if your company is successful in the nominations and as finalists and winners. Please attach 3 photos that reflect your business and key features of the award criteria.

Omni-channel Initiative of the Year

To enter, answer all questions (250 words or less each)

  • Describe what Omni-channel initiative your business has implemented over the last 12 months.
  • Illustrate how this Omni-channel initiative impacted your business?
  • How does your store design embraces and seamlessly blends technology to enhance the Omni-channel experience? (E.g. efficient design of the site/app, use of technology, optimization, usability, path to purchase).
  • When selling products or services through online marketplace channels, describe how you continue to create the Omni-channel experience?
  • In relation to your Omni-channel initiative, describe your social media strategy and its effectiveness in connecting and converting customers.
  • In relation to your Omni-channel initiative, describe how you enhance the customer experience through the convenience of a mobile optimised website, selling capabilities, collection and delivery options.
  • Describe how your support services (E.g call centres, chat-bots, support teams), create a positive Omni-channel experience?
  • How is your Omni-channel initiative innovative, unique and different from your competitors?