Attach documents, videos, customer reviews, testimonials and any research that supports your excellence in this area. We would love to feature a series of photos at the Retailer Awards Gala Dinner on 1st March 2018 in Melbourne if your company is successful in the nominations and as finalists and winners. Please attach 3 photos that reflect your business and key features of the award criteria.

Retail Supplier of the Year Award

This award is designed for a retailer to nominate a preferred supplier. To simplify the process, we encourage suppliers and retailers to work together to submit the nomination. Please ensure the retailer’s contact information is submitted in the referee field.

To enter, answer all questions (250 words or less each)

  1. Describe the mutually beneficial relationship with your nominated supplier. (E.g. length of time, roles, responsibilities, resources invested)
  2. What long term, sustainable and positive outcomes have been derived from this supplier relationship?
  3. How has this supplier demonstrated customer centricity – what have they done to understand your customer?
  4. What key initiatives has this nominated supplier delivered for your business?
  5. How has this supplier supported your business? (E.g. joint promotional campaigns, flexibility of supply, ease of reverse logistics, etc.)
  6. What supplier development programs have you implemented to ensure the alignment of business goals and objectives?
  7. Describe how the relationship with this nominated supplier is unique from other commercial arrangements with other suppliers?
  8. How has this nominated supplier engaged proactively with your teams? (E.g. staff development, product education workshops, free samples, etc.)